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In trucks, unlike passenger cars, pneumatic brake systems are usually used. Air dryer filter is part of this system. It removes moisture from the air coming from the compressor. This reduces corrosion damages of components, and, therefore, their costly repair.

Types of air dryer filters for trucks

The main element of this component is a replaceable air dryer filter cartridge of a truck. This is a container filled with granular filler that absorbs moisture. It may be:

  • Zeolite. It retains its properties during storage for long time.
  • Silica gel. Granules are resistant to mechanical damage.

Depending on the presence of additional elements, replacement components may be:

  • Combined with oil separator. In this case, there are two filters in the same housing. One of them is used for removing oil contaminants from the air before it enters the dehumidifier. This greatly reduces the probability of brake system components malfunctioning, which reduces cost of maintenance.
  • Standard. They perform only their direct function. They are the most widespread, and in most cases sold at low price.

Malfunctions and their causes

Over time, adsorbent loses its ability to absorb moisture. This is due to the fact that during operation, it accumulates plenty of liquid. If it freezes in winter, the air dryer may collapse. This happens when heating is disabled.

Often the filler stops fulfilling its function due to granules oiling. The reason for this is increased release of oil from the compressor.

An air dryer filter for a truck may fail due to broken check valve. This element sends the air dried by the adsorbent to the receivers. For example, the valve can become clogged due to the improper operation of the compressor.

How to detect failures

The need to install a new cartridge may be indicated by a condensate in the receiver. To check it open the corresponding drain valve. This should be done according to the manufacturer's instructions. The state of the receiver should be checked on a daily basis. The filler is to be replaced at least once a year before winter. Humidity separator assembly is usually replaced in case of valve failure.

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