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Antifreeze is used in truck engine cooling systems. It circulates through special ducts connected to the radiator. The required pressure in the system is maintained by a pump. The fluid has a low freezing point and high boiling point.

Types of antifreeze for trucks

Catalogues of manufacturers include fluids with different types of additives. They are divided according to the generally accepted classification developed by the American General Motors Corporation:

  • G11 (hybrid). In addition to organic, they contain a basic set of inorganic additives. They can be used as coolant both in passenger cars and in commercial vehicles. They have a low price. As a rule, they are green and last for 3 years or 90,000 km of mileage.
  • G12 (carboxylate). Such antifreeze for commercial vehicles contains organic additives: carboxylate and ethylene glycol. They are widely used in large tonnage vehicles. They ensure maximum cooling. In the majority of cases, such fluids are red-tinted. They are well resistant to corrosion. The service life of such fluid is 5 years or 150,000 km of mileage.
  • G13 (lobrid). Their basic element is propylene glycol, which, unlike ethylene glycol, quickly decomposes after disposal. These fluids are environment-friendly and may be yellow or violet. Their service life is up to 150,000 km of mileage or 4 to 5 years.

In our online store, you can buy coolant concentrate. It should be diluted with distilled water before use.

Peculiarities of using antifreeze for trucks

It is important to use fluids of the same brand and type and avoid mixing products of different types. If necessary, a hydrometer may be used, which is a tool for determining the density of liquid substances.

When the product is replaced, it is necessary to note the date of the procedure, and stick to the recommendations of the manufacturer further on. If the truck is used intensively, the consistency of the fluid needs periodic checking. If it has become gelatinous with non-homogeneous particles on the surface, replacement is required. Besides, loss of properties is indicated by deposit at the bottom of the expansion tank and brown tint of the fluid. In these cases, the maintenance should not be postponed. Buying new coolant will come out much cheaper than repairing the engine after overheating.

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