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Brake discs are moving components of the system that are mounted to the wheel hub. These components are intended for slowing down the wheel rotation and stopping the truck.

Types of brake disc for trucks

By material:

  • Cast iron. They are inexpensive, have good friction properties and are wear resistant. Their disadvantages include heavy weight, susceptibility to corrosion and tend to distort in case of frequent intensive braking.
  • Stainless steel. They are resistant to temperature drops, but have poorer friction properties compared to cast iron ones.

By presence of vents:

  • Solid. These are solid metal plates without channels for air circulation, therefore they are less efficient. They are quite durable.
  • Vented. These are two plates with cavities between them for heat dissipation. Disadvantages include a probability of dirt ingress, which impedes cooling.

By design:

  • Drilled. The plate of the component has evenly spaced through-holes, which ensure efficient cooling and expulsion of gases and combustion products. Items of this type are less durable, and prone to mechanical damage.
  • Slotted. Such a component has grooves, which may be used as wear indicators. When they disappear, the component should be replaced. Components of this type are durable, but have a low cooling efficiency.

Malfunctions and their causes

The main fault of brake discs on both passenger cars and trucks is an abrasion wear. Service life of the component on the average is 90,000-150,000 km of mileage for the front axle, and 180,000-300,000 for the rear axle. The exact service life depends on a driving style and operating conditions of the truck. Dust ingress, sudden temperature changes may result in warping, uneven wear and mechanical damage of the component.

Scratches may also form on the surface of the component. In particular, this happens when a fragment of the friction lining or foreign objects get into the gap between the pad and the disk.

How to detect failures

Wear of this car part on a commercial vehicle is indicated by its thickness. The allowed value can be found in the manufacturer’s catalogue. If the thickness is less than specified, further use of the component may result in its breakage.

It is not recommended to repair these car parts; worn out ones are to be replaced. New components are to be installed in pairs per axle, therefore, most manufacturers offer front or rear brake disc kits for trucks.

The need for troubleshooting is indicated by symptoms like increased braking distance or vehicle pulling to one side. Besides, squeaking and other extraneous noises are heard during braking.

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