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Clutch release bearing for trucks is a component of transmission that is responsible for the discs separation. In particular, it is activated when gears are shifted, and when the engine is idling.

Types of clutch release bearings for trucks

  • Mechanical. They are driven by a cable. They have a simple design and feature relatively low efficiency. They are usually inexpensive.
  • Hydraulic. They are driven by increasing the pressure of a fluid in the master cylinder that is transmitted to the slave cylinder when the pedal is pressed. As a result, the clutch release bearing moves toward the diaphragm. There is almost no need for the user to apply effort to the pedal.

Malfunctions and their reasons

This component can not be repaired and is replaced if it wears out during operation. This is often due to the fact that the lubricant contained in the element loses its properties, for example, under permanent component contact with water and mud.

In case of incorrect installation, just like a clutch release bearing for passenger cars, the component may start slipping. This often results in damaging other components located nearby.

How to detect failures

When the pedal remains pressed for a long time, knocking sound may be clearly heard, which indicates wear of the bearing race. Visual diagnosis is difficult since it requires disassembling of the unit. It is not recommended to perform this procedure yourself; contact a service station for assistance. Even if obvious symptoms are absent, the component should be replaced after every 100-150 thousand km of mileage.

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