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Gas Springs for trucks

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Gas springs are regulating components which are used on trucks to open and close the bonnet and also to secure it in the opened position. These devices make using, servicing and repairing trucks equipped with them easier, and also protect the bonnet from possible deformations resulting from impacts.

Types of gas springs for trucks

Components of 2 types are offered in catalogues:

  • Pneumatic. They can be mounted with the rod oriented downward to the body or upward to the bonnet. They use a gas under high pressure to function.
  • Hydropneumatic. They have oil in the system, that is why they are to be installed rod down only. This ensures that oil remains in the bottom part of the device which is important for its effective work.

Devices differ from one another in the type of end-travel dampening:

  • Dynamic. The bonnet is opened and closed very smoothly, with decreasing speed. This ensures maximally delicate lid stopping, but takes some time.
  • Hydraulic. The speed of rod moving-out is higher. Closing is sharp, impact vibrations are absorbed due to oil viscosity.

By construction:

  • with a single seal;
  • with a double seal;
  • with an oil chamber.

Also, devices may differ in length, thickness of a piston rod and a cylinder, travel, force and other properties. Gas springs for passenger cars can be mounted not only in the engine bay but also in the luggage compartment.

Malfunctions and their causes

These car parts don’t have a specified lifetime limit but may require replacement after several faults. Widespread defects are housing deformation, broken fasteners, jammed piston, seal failure. These may be caused by an impact, for example, bringing the lid to the upper point manually, impacts in a road accident, overheating of components, lack of lubricant in the system resulting from damaged seals.

How to detect malfunctions

Problems with opening and closing the bonnet will indicate that the gas spring broke down. Sometimes, the lid will only open if force is applied or you won’t be able to secure it in the opened position, etc.

These components should be replaced in pairs because the load is divided evenly between them. In case one component performs its functions badly, the other one will have to bear higher loads. This may lead to incorrect mechanism operation.

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