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The engine cooling radiator in a truck helps to prevent overheating of the engine. The fluid circulating in it is cooled by the airflow created by vehicle movement and increased by a fan.

Types of engine cooling radiators for trucks

By the material:

  • Aluminium. Their advantages are low weight and affordable price.
  • Copper. These radiators have high heat conductivity. Besides, they are more resistant to corrosion damage.

These products may also have a different design. In particular, they may be:

  • Flat fin core. This design uses tubes, usually flat or oval. They are arranged checkerwise and pass through transversal plates that increase the heat dissipating area.
  • Serpentine fin core. In this case, tubes are arranged one by one and in rows. Corrugated fins are placed between them. It improves the turbulence of the air flow that passes through the cooling grid.

Devices in the catalogues differ from each other in length, width, and height. Usually, devices installed in trucks have larger dimensions and weight, compared to engine cooling radiators in passenger cars.

Malfunctions and reasons thereto

The product may lose its integrity, for example, as a result of a road accident. Corrosion damage is also possible due to exposure to the coolant, or improperly chosen cleaning agent. Disrupted circulation of the coolant also occurs frequently. The reason is fouling of the device with various deposits, for example, due to careless use of sealants.

How to detect faults

The poor condition of the element may be indicated by the coolant temperature indicator. Besides, leaking of antifreeze in case of loss of integrity is usually accompanied by a specific smell in the cabin, or in the area of the unit. In this situation inspect the engine cooling radiator of your truck for damage and leaks. This may require dismantling the elements located nearby. This work is better to be done by truck servicing specialists. They will check and replace the faulty component if necessary.

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