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Stabilizer bar provides the reduction of truck roll in cornering at high speed. The design involves a hollow U-shaped rod made of spring steel and stabilizer links with ball joints.


Items in the manufacturers’ catalogues may differ in the following characteristics:

  • Installation axle. Depending on the design of suspension, both front and rear stabilizer bars can be used in the trucks. Most often, the component is installed only on the front axle.
  • Stiffness. It is determined by the properties of material the components are made of, the shape of the rod, and the peculiarities of its installation. The stiffer the device, the larger is the turning angle of the truck. In addition to components with fixed stiffness, items with variable properties are available for ordering online. Due to the presence of hydraulic cylinders or dynamic drive, they are adjusted according to the road surface, and the driving style.
  • Dimensions. For example, the diameter of the component may be 60 mm, while the similar dimension for stabilizer bars in passenger cars is often only 10 mm.

Malfunctions and their reasons

Manufacturers do not specify the service life of the component. The components are replaced as necessary. For example, the rod may wear out due to deformation or oxidation. The reasons for mechanical damage are road accidents, truck operation at high speed on poor road surfaces, or hitting an obstacle. Traces of corrosion appear in the conditions of high humidity. Due to the natural wear-out, in some time the links are abraded, and bushings lose their elasticity.

How to detect faults

Failure can be indicated by the knocking sound from the suspension, and squeaking during manoeuvring. In some cases, the truck may roll during braking, or in cornering. In order to timely detect and remove failure of the suspension elements, it is recommended to perform regular maintenance. Specialists will inspect the components, and replace them if necessary.

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