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Starter ensures crankshaft rotation for starting the truck engine. It is an electric motor powered from a battery. Design of the part suggests the presence of the casing, the rotor, the brush holder, the solenoid switch and the actuator.

Kinds of starters for trucks

By the design:

  • Without a reduction unit. Actuators of such devices are directly connected to the rotor shaft, which ensures a fast engine start. Components are reliable and resistant to high loads. Components have a simple design, which greatly simplifies repair and replacement. Disadvantages include impressive dimensions and heavy weight, high cost and low efficiency with low battery capacity and in cold season.
  • With a reduction unit. They have an in-built reduction gear that increases the torque. It is located between the actuator and the rotor and helps to boost product performance with less power consumption. Components of this type are compact, lightweight and are relatively inexpensive. The main disadvantage is low power.

Malfunctions and reasons thereto

The device does not have a specified service life and should be replaced as the assembly in case of such faults as abrasion of brushes and contact plates in the collector electrode, wire breakage, or short circuit in the internal coil. This may happen due to violations in component operation, or a short circuit in the electrical system of the vehicle.

Like starters in passenger cars, truck component gets out of order in case of mechanical damage of its elements. These include abrasion of bearing parts, deformation of pinion teeth, destruction of the overrunning clutch. All this is the result of normal wear, road accidents or unqualified repair. In addition, contacts may oxidize under the influence of moisture, and the armature of the solenoid and the actuator may get jammed. Such failures are usually removed by replacing only the failed components.

How to detect faults

Failures of components are indicated by clicks when the motor starts. Besides, the starter may fail to turn on or off. These symptoms are associated with damaged ignition lock, low charge and failure of the battery. Unit failure can be identified by disassembly and inspection. The state of electrical components is tested by measuring with an ammeter and a voltmeter. This diagnosis should be performed at a service station.

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