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Tie Rod for trucks

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A drag link transmits efforts from the steering gearbox to steering arms of the hub, thus providing the needed turning angle of steered wheels of a truck. The part is a tube with special holes, in which ball studs are mounted.


There are components for the following axles:

  • front;
  • rear;
  • middle;
  • free-rolling.

Most of all, there are front and rear drag links for commercial vehicles. Regardless of the axle, the items can differ in their construction:

  • non-dismountable (cannot be repaired);
  • dismountable (more durable thanks to the possibility of servicing).

Car parts included in the catalogue also differ in:

  • weight;
  • size;
  • fastener types.

Malfunctions and their causes

The component has a long service life. Its breakdown can be caused by deformation which occurs if the truck hits a significant obstacle. Due to troubled access to the part, its replacement should be performed in a specialized car service station. After this, the wheel alignment will be necessary.

How to detect malfunctions

Breakdown signs are identical to those of passenger car drag link malfunctions. For example, foreign sounds may be heard at cornering or you may notice steering wheel knocks or free play. Apart from this, the truck may pull to one side.

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