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V-Ribbed Belt / Set for trucks

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Serpentine belt transfers the torque from the crankshaft pulley to auxiliary equipment: alternator, power steering, air conditioner, water pump. The item is a layer of rubber with longitudinal V-shaped ribs and a protective coating made of oil- and heat-resistant material. In addition to the component itself, the serpentine belt kit for trucks usually includes tensioner and idler pulleys, tensioner dampers and fasteners.

When it is the time to install the kit

Products intended for trucks have a higher transmission power than serpentine belts for passenger cars. The number of ribs in components for trucks is 8 and more. In addition, the components are often made with the use of a wear-resistant cord, which ensures their resistance to shock loads. Despite all that, all elements of the belt drive are subjected to wear. Therefore, servicing the unit is usually recommended after every 100,000 kilometres of mileage.

Installation of a new kit may be required due to the end of service life of pulleys and dampers: misalignment and jamming that occur due to wear. Besides, components may get damaged due to heavy impact. In case of sudden belt drive breakage, elements of the unit are to be replaced in an assembly. This may happen due to an increased load on the engine of the truck, or its regular idling.

Well-known manufacturers of serpentine belt kits

Top quality kits that ensure reliable and safe operation of trucks, can be found, in particular, in catalogues of:

  • Contitech;
  • Bosch;
  • Autex;
  • Gates;
  • SKF.
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