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Spare parts catalogue for MAN TGX

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MAN TGX trucks

The MAN TGX vehicles are heavy-duty trucks: their maximum allowable weight varies from 18 to 80 tons. They have been manufactured since 2007 in Germany. In 2008 the vehicle was awarded the International Truck of the Year title. And three years later, the EfficientLine version won the Green Truck award according to German magazine VerkehrsRundschau. The twin car model is Framo E180/280, and its predecessor is the TGA.

MAN TGX: the background

Introduced in 2007, the vehicle is characterised by excellent aerodynamics. The manufacturer used a cabin roof spoiler, bumper with hidden air inlets as well as wing mirrors of a streamlined shape with a low air resistance. The latter ones ensure a wide view angle, thanks to which the area of blind spots is significantly reduced.

Offered are MAN TGX tractor units, dump trucks, lumber trucks, garbage trucks as well as street sweepers, fire-fighting trucks and rescue vehicles. The axle configurations can be the following: 4 × 2, 6 × 2, 6 × 2/2, 6 × 4, 8 × 4, 8 × 4/4. The vehicles can be fitted with one of the three cabins: XL, XLX and XXL. The width of the first one is 2,240, the length is 2,280 and the height is 1,660 mm. The second and the third types are 280 and 490 mm higher respectively, with all other parameters being equal. The XL cabin is fitted with only one bunk, while XLX and XXL can have two of them. The last one is considered the largest one in Europe and is ideal for long-distance trips. The driver is able to stretch out on the bed to his full height, and to have all essentials at hand.

In 2010, the MAN TGX trucks were facelifted, in the course of which, the range of the available engines was brought into conformity with the Euro 5 standard. Moreover, the manufacturer managed to reduce their weight and optimise the performance of gearboxes, which resulted in the reduction of fuel consumption by 1.9%.

The facelift of 2012 affected, in particular, the fuel injection system. Now the power units meet the requirements of the Euro 6 standard, have the exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR), diesel particulate filter. Apart from that, the engine features a “top down” cooling system. Among driver assistance systems there are: adaptive cruise control ACC with the Stop & Go function, emergency brake assist EBA and electronic stability program ESP.

There were presented also limited editions Lion Pro and Performance Line which were characterised by luxurious interior design. In particular, some elements of passenger compartments were trimmed with natural leather. Besides, there are fuel-efficient trucks Business Lion and Efficient Line. In comparison with others, they consume up to 6.35% less fuel, which increases the level of their ecological friendliness.

There are D38 vehicles intended for transporting especially heavy materials. Their maximum allowable weight is 120 tons. Moreover, these commercial vehicles can be used even in off-road conditions.

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TOP 6 of the most popular truck spare parts for MAN TGX

Discover the brands of premium quality in our catalogue of spare parts for MAN TGX.
  • -45%
    BOSCH Fuel filter
    Article number: F 026 402 028
    £ 8,99
    incl. 20% VAT , excl. delivery costs,
    • Filter type: Filter Insert
    • Height [mm]: 173,5
    • Diameter [mm]: 94,75
    • Inner diameter 2 [mm]: 14, 46
    • BOSCHFuel filter
    • Item numberF 026 402 028
    • Manufacturer's suggested retail price £ 16,35
    • Our price £ 8,99
    • Condition  New
  • -30%
    HENGST FILTER Oil Filter
    Article number: E422H D86
    £ 10,59
    incl. 20% VAT , excl. delivery costs,
    • Height [mm]: 204
    • Inner diameter 2 [mm]: 58, 45
    • Filter type: Filter Insert
    • Diameter [mm]: 121
    • HENGST FILTEROil Filter
    • Item numberE422H D86
    • Manufacturer's suggested retail price £ 15,13
    • Our price £ 10,59
    • Condition  New
  • -30%
    SBP Brake Pad Set, disc brake
    Article number: 07-P29108
    £ 46,45
    incl. 20% VAT , excl. delivery costs,
    • Fitting Position: Rear Axle
    • Length [mm]: 247,5
    • Height [mm]: 109,5
    • Thickness [mm]: 30
    • Quantity Unit: Axle Set
    • Inspection Tag: E9 90R - 01167/591
    • Brake System: KNORR SB 7000
    • Bore Ø 1 [mm]: 4
    • SBPBrake Pad Set, disc brake
    • Item number07-P29108
    • Manufacturer's suggested retail price £ 66,35
    • Our price £ 46,45
    • Condition  New
  • -30%
    TRUCKTEC AUTOMOTIVE Brake Pad Set, disc brake
    Article number: 01.35.211
    £ 62,66
    incl. 20% VAT , excl. delivery costs,
    • Fitting Position: Rear Axle, Front Axle
    • Quantity Unit: Axle Set
    • for OE number: 003 420 2220
    • TRUCKTEC AUTOMOTIVEBrake Pad Set, disc brake
    • Item number01.35.211
    • Manufacturer's suggested retail price £ 89,51
    • Our price £ 62,66
    • Condition  New
  • -45%
    MAHLE ORIGINAL Fuel filter
    Article number: KC 522D
    £ 20,42
    incl. 20% VAT , excl. delivery costs,
    • Filter type: Screw-on Filter
    • Height [mm]: 150
    • Diameter [mm]: 108,6
    • Diameter 2 [mm]: 101,8
    • Diameter 3 [mm]: 89,8
    • Connecting thread: 1" x 14
    • Tightening Torque [Nm]: 20
    • MAHLE ORIGINALFuel filter
    • Item numberKC 522D
    • Manufacturer's suggested retail price £ 37,13
    • Our price £ 20,42
    • Condition  New
  • -45%
    MAHLE ORIGINAL Fuel filter
    Article number: KX 72D2
    £ 3,86
    incl. 20% VAT , excl. delivery costs,
    • Filter type: Filter Insert
    • Height [mm]: 41
    • Diameter [mm]: 50,0, 47
    • Inner diameter 2 [mm]: 23
    • MAHLE ORIGINALFuel filter
    • Item numberKX 72D2
    • Manufacturer's suggested retail price £ 7,02
    • Our price £ 3,86
    • Condition  New
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