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Brake camshafts of trucks are components of the drum mechanisms that transmit torque from the air cylinder to the brake cams. They are intended for simultaneous release of brake shoes. On the one end, the component has a toothed part for connection with the adjusting lever, on the other end - an S-shaped cam. Turning the shaft pushes the brake shoes against the drum, thereby reducing the speed and stopping the vehicle.

Types of brake camshafts for trucks

By the axle:

  • front;
  • rear.

By the side of installation:

  • right;
  • left.

The devices are made of durable carbon steel. The working surface of the products is usually subjected to inductive hardening.

Malfunctions and their causes

During driving, right and left brake camshafts of freight vehicles are equally subjected to high loads, therefore are prone to abrasion and mechanical damage. Defects of the bearing journals and the spline part may occur, as well as jamming of the components in the bushings of the brake cam, and traces of corrosion. Such failures are often the result of abrasive particles and moisture ingress into the unit.

How to detect faults

The device is the part of the truck brake system and keeps the vehicle running safely, therefore diagnostics and replacement should be done at a service station. The parts do not have a definite service life but require regular maintenance. As a rule, components are visually checked when brake shoes are replaced. At the same time, the components should be lubricated for free rotation in the bracket. Unscheduled diagnosis of the component may be necessary in case of system malfunction, in particular when braking is continued after the pedal is released.

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