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Superchargers for trucks are devices that increase the pressure in the intake system using the energy of exhaust flow. They force the air into the combustion chamber thus saturating the fuel mixture with oxygen, and allow the engine to develop higher power. The device operates autonomously and can reach 200,000 RPM under the pressure of exhaust gases. The components are made of nickel-based alloys.

Types of truck superchargers

Catalogues of manufacturers include components that are installed:

  • One at a time. Usually, they have a large size and high performance; however, they are inefficient at low engine RPM. They are cheaper.
  • In pairs. Each of them has a lower performance, but the total performance is higher. The main advantage of such devices is their ability to maintain the balance between parameters of forced induction at low and high RPM and, therefore, to ensure stable acceleration dynamics.

Ways of connecting:

  • in line;
  • parallel (right and left superchargers for commercial vehicles are available).

You can also order turbochargers with various degrees of induction online.

Malfunctions and their causes

The service life of these components is not clearly defined. Components fail if bearings are overheated or jammed, or the shaft journal wears out. The reason behind this is insufficient lubrication or deteriorated quality of the lubricant due to loss of seal, or decreased throughput capacity of oil-feeding hoses. Clogging of channels is also possible, which is caused by the untimely replacement of oil, or using poor quality lubricants. Besides, impeller blades may get deformed if foreign objects get inside the component.

How to detect faults

The truck supercharger requires diagnostics if engine power is reduced, or you are having an increased oil consumption. Besides, failures may be indicated by whistling and grinding noise from the turbocharger, black white or grey smoke coming from the exhaust pipe, or periodic deactivation of the component. To increase the service life of the component, it is necessary to use high-quality fuel, service the unit in time, in particular, replace the air filter and oil, and monitor the air pressure on a special dashboard gauge. Too high a pressure in the system may result in failure of not only the turbocharger but the engine as well.

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