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Transmission oils are used for lubricating reduction gears, differentials and other elements of trucks' gearbox. They create on the surface of the components an oil film that protects them from jamming, corrosion and excessive load. Besides, lubricants reduce vibration and noise, dissipate heat and minimize wear-out of friction components.

Types of oils for trucks

Depending on the application, there are oils for:

  • manual gearboxes and differentials;
  • automatic transmission.

By the composition:

  • Mineral. They form thick oil film even in the conditions of high-pressures, and virtually do not contain harmful chemical compounds. They are inexpensive but feature rather high consumption rate and short service life.
  • Synthetic. They may be used in a wide temperature range since they are not prone to radical changes of viscosity in the conditions of heat or cold. Another advantage is resistance to corrosion. Disadvantages include a high degree of fluidity, whereby the oil may leak through the seals.
  • Semisynthetic. It is a mix of mineral and synthetic bases, which is the optimum variant in terms of the price to quality ratio. Such oils are used in the high-duty gearbox of trucks which work in severe conditions.

By viscosity, there are summer, winter and all-season oils. They have different amounts and types of additives that help, in particular, stabilize the operating characteristics at temperature surges and minimize the formation of deposits. Winter oils usually have various values of the low-low operating temperature. For example, it may be -40, -26, or -12 °C. The additives used may be:

  • friction reducing;
  • depressant, which improve viscosity;
  • anti-corrosion.

Peculiarities of use

Over time, oils lose their lubricating properties due to oxidation and mixing with wear products of friction discs and other elements of the unit. Replacement of oil is specified by the manufacturer of the vehicle. Oils for passenger cars with automatic transmission are to be replaced after every 30 to 40 thousand km of mileage, and with manual transmission - after 50 to 75 thousand. Maintenance intervals for trucks are longer. It is specified by the manufacturer for each specific vehicle and is indicated in the technical documentation to the vehicle

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