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A truck shock absorber is the main element of the suspension that absorbs shocks that occur due to defects of the road. This component maintains directional stability of the vehicle, reduces the braking distance and reduces oscillations of the body.

Types of truck shock absorbers

Catalogues of manufacturers include products of various designs:

  • Pneumatic. These absorbers have the function of clearance adjustment; they maintain it at the same level regardless of the weight of the load. The design involves a compressor, a receiver, a circuit control unit, pneumatic lines, and an air distribution mechanism.
  • Hydraulic. They may be single- or double-tube. The former are relatively inexpensive. The latter can withstand more work cycles.

Like shock absorbers in passenger cars, the components vary depending on the axle. One can also order online components with various characteristics:

  • Regressive. They cope well with vibrations and the roll of the truck. They do not absorb shocks efficiently enough during driving, for example, across tram tracks and joints between concrete slabs.
  • Progressive. They absorb shocks well upon hitting obstacles. When manoeuvring, allow slight roll of the vehicle.
  • Linear. They combine the qualities of the components of the types above.

Malfunctions and reasons thereto

As a rule, the service life of the devices is over 150,000 km of mileage. Service life depends on the condition of the road surface and the degree of vehicle loading. Failure of the damping devices is often caused by depressurization of the housing due to natural wear, corrosion, or seals deformation. Serious mechanical damage of the component may occur as a result of a road accident.

How to detect faults

The components have single-piece construction and are not subject to repair. When replaced, they are installed in pairs per axle: simultaneously rear or front shock absorbers of the truck.

New components are to be installed if hitting even the smallest obstacles causes vibration. Besides, there may be body roll during manoeuvring, sudden taking off or braking. The unit should be diagnosed and serviced if the braking distance has increased, and the truck is hard to keep in a lane.

Failure of the components may be visually identified by uneven tire wear, and leaks on the housing. If the truck is fitted with pneumatic shock absorbers, they may prematurely fail in the winter. Since components of this type are susceptible to low temperatures, the truck body may become askew.

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