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Suspension spring mountings of passenger cars are located under the axle, while trucks have them attached above it. The components determine reliability of attachment, and, therefore, safety.

Types of suspension spring mountings for trucks

In catalogues, one can find the following components:

  • Brackets, plates, cylindrical rods. They are used to connect ends of the components to the frame.
  • U-bolts. They are used for connecting the elastic component to the axle beam.
  • Bushings. They are made of rubber or polyurethane. The former absorb shocks better, the latter are considered more durable.

Malfunctions and reasons

Corrosive damage to metal parts is possible as a result of exposure to moisture. Bushings are subjected to abrasion, deformation, and lose their elasticity as a result of wear. Fasteners may loosen due to a road accident or insufficient tightening during installation.

How to detect failures

There is no specific service life; the components are replaced if necessary. Periodical maintenance of the unit is required, which includes checking the condition of individual elements. In particular, tightening of U-bolts should be checked.

Problems may be indicated by loss of road-holding ability or deterioration of steering. In such situations, it is recommended to accurately measure the distance between right and left front and rear wheels. This may show that the wheelbase is longer on one side than on the other. Sometimes, this problem may be resolved by installing new fasteners. Besides, when a suspension spring is replaced, it is recommended to use new mountings.

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