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Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation is a Japanese car manufacturing company, the history of which started in 1932. It is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial vehicles. Now it is a part of Daimler AG concern. The brand’s vehicles are produced in the territories of Japan, India, Portugal.

Mitsubishi Fuso trucks model range

The manufacturer produces vehicles of medium and high load capacity. The first category is represented by cars with the gross vehicle weight of 9 tons and higher, the second category – over 15 tons. The maximum gross combination weight for heavy vehicles of this brand is 49 tons. The following body versions are available: dropside platforms, vans, dump trucks, cab chassis trucks. Available are cars for fire-fighting services, for streets cleaning and garbage transportation, articulated boom lifts, tow trucks.


  • High quality power units. The manufacturer offers commercial vehicles equipped with high-performance diesel engines with direct fuel injection. These engines are characterized by long service life and moderate fuel consumption.
  • Comfort. Large size of the windscreen and well thought-out structure of side mirrors provide good observability. Ergonomic dashboard, adjustable steering wheel and comfortable seat make driver’s work less tiresome. The FK and FM trucks cabs are equipped with many different storage compartments, so that all essential items are at driver’s hand any time. Air vent outlets are located so as to eliminate hot or cold zones.
  • High safety level. Among the components for Mitsubishi Fuso FP and FV trucks are very long windscreen wipers. They clean maximum glass area, which improves visibility in case of bad weather. Cabs of these vehicles are completely made of steel and securely protect the driver in case of a road accident. The steering column is collapsible, which makes it safe in case of a front collision.
  • Simplicity of maintenance. For example, in FK and FM models, access to the air filter and windshield wiper motor is as easy as possible.
  • Good aerodynamic characteristics. They help to reduce fuel consumption and wind noise, which ensures more comfortable use of the car.

Autodoc.co.uk is your online assistant in the world of truck spare parts

In the catalogue of our online shop you will find fuel filters, brake pads and many other components. If you need to urgently buy spare parts for Mitsubishi Fuso trucks, then make an online order right now, and we will deliver the products within the shortest possible time. The parts are sold at moderate prices. Moreover, we regularly hold promotions. Thus, you can inexpensively buy everything you need for your truck repair.

TOP 10 popular truck parts for MITSUBISHI commercial vehicles

Number of article: 0 986 479 D14
£ 41,94
Act now and save 20%!
£ 52,43

incl. 20% VAT

  • BOSCHBrake Disc
  • Item number0 986 479 D14
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 52,43
  • Our price £ 41,94
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: GDB3611
£ 42,73
Act now and save 20%!
£ 53,41

incl. 20% VAT

  • TRWBrake Pad Set, disc brake
  • Item numberGDB3611
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 53,41
  • Our price £ 42,73
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: FA-577S
£ 10,39
Act now and save 20%!
£ 12,99

incl. 20% VAT

  • JAPANPARTSAir Filter
  • Item numberFA-577S
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 12,99
  • Our price £ 10,39
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: GDB3492
£ 46,34
Act now and save 20%!
£ 57,92

incl. 20% VAT

  • TRWBrake Pad Set, disc brake
  • Item numberGDB3492
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 57,92
  • Our price £ 46,34
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: DF6640S
£ 51,71
Act now and save 20%!
£ 64,64

incl. 20% VAT

  • TRWBrake Disc
  • Item numberDF6640S
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 64,64
  • Our price £ 51,71
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: C 23 005
£ 12,85
Act now and save 20%!
£ 16,06

incl. 20% VAT

  • MANN-FILTERAir Filter
  • Item numberC 23 005
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 16,06
  • Our price £ 12,85
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: 0 986 450 508
£ 10,10
Act now and save 20%!
£ 12,63

incl. 20% VAT

  • BOSCHFuel filter
  • Item number0 986 450 508
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 12,63
  • Our price £ 10,10
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: 7O0126
£ 6,70
Act now and save 20%!
£ 8,38

incl. 20% VAT

  • RIDEXOil Filter
  • Item number7O0126
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 8,38
  • Our price £ 6,70
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: 1 457 434 459
£ 10,02
Act now and save 20%!
£ 12,53

incl. 20% VAT

  • BOSCHFuel filter
  • Item number1 457 434 459
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 12,53
  • Our price £ 10,02
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: 0 986 452 063
£ 11,78
Act now and save 20%!
£ 14,72

incl. 20% VAT

  • BOSCHOil Filter
  • Item number0 986 452 063
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 14,72
  • Our price £ 11,78
  • ConditionNew
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