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Iveco is an Italian car manufacturing company founded in 1975. Production facilities are located on the territories of Italy, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Australia. The company is a part of CNH Industrial concern.

Iveco trucks model range

Medium and heavy commercial vehicles of this brand are available in the following body versions: cab chassis truck, two- and three-axle trucks. Vehicles intended for a wide range of tasks are produced: for local, regional and international transportation, for use in off-road conditions, in fire-fighting operations.


  • High level of fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness. For Eurocargo model of the last generation, diesel fuel consumption was reduced by 8%. It is contributed to by low viscosity oil which reduces friction and helps to extend maintenance intervals. Moreover, the manufacturer introduced 2-speed electromagnetic fan clutch which turns on and off depending on whether cooling is needed, and a number of other solutions. As for Stralis NP cars, they run on natural gas. They are as practical as diesel commercial vehicles, but, at the same time, they are much more eco-friendly.
  • High-performance power units. 570 hp engines can be used as components in Iveco Stralis trucks.
  • High comfort level. The company offers vehicles, the cab of which is equipped with handy compartments for bottles, documents and even bank cards. Also there is a place for a laptop or tablet. The driver can control radio and mobile phone with the help of buttons on the steering wheel, which provides safety. Moreover vehicles with a comfortable bed, spacious refrigerator and night air-conditioner with low energy consumption are available.

Autodoc.co.uk is your online assistant in the world of truck spare parts

Prefer shopping at online stores, using a smartphone? Install Autodoc.co.uk mobile application and make orders wherever you are. We offer a widest components range: brake pads, air filters, windscreen wiper blades and many others. Thus, you won’t have to order all the items you need on different websites and pay for delivery several times. We regularly hold promotions, during which the prices are reduced: this allows you to get good deals when buying truck spare parts for Iveco. And if you need assistance in choosing a spare part or in ordering online then contact our support team.

TOP 10 popular truck parts for IVECO commercial vehicles

Number of article: 09.6763.20
£ 82,74
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£ 103,42

incl. 20% VAT

  • BREMBOBrake Disc
  • Item number09.6763.20
  • Our price £ 82,74
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: 02-IV005
£ 51,72
Act now and save 20%!
£ 64,65

incl. 20% VAT

  • SBPBrake Disc
  • Item number02-IV005
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 64,65
  • Our price £ 51,72
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: GDB5068
£ 27,66
Act now and save 20%!
£ 34,58

incl. 20% VAT

  • TRWBrake Pad Set, disc brake
  • Item numberGDB5068
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 34,58
  • Our price £ 27,66
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: GDB5067
£ 61,20
Act now and save 20%!
£ 76,50

incl. 20% VAT

  • TRWBrake Pad Set, disc brake
  • Item numberGDB5067
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 76,50
  • Our price £ 61,20
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: 1 457 429 946
£ 15,92
Act now and save 20%!
£ 19,90

incl. 20% VAT

  • BOSCHAir Filter
  • Item number1 457 429 946
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 19,90
  • Our price £ 15,92
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: C 24 650/1
£ 38,61
Act now and save 20%!
£ 48,26

incl. 20% VAT

  • MANN-FILTERAir Filter
  • Item numberC 24 650/1
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 48,26
  • Our price £ 38,61
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: KC 18
£ 2,54
£ 3,63

incl. 20% VAT

  • MAHLE ORIGINALFuel filter
  • Item numberKC 18
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 2,54
  • Our price £ 2,54
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: HDF496
£ 6,35
Act now and save 20%!
£ 7,94

incl. 20% VAT

  • DELPHIFuel filter
  • Item numberHDF496
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 7,94
  • Our price £ 6,35
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: OC 100
£ 4,24
Act now and save 20%!
£ 5,30

incl. 20% VAT

  • Item numberOC 100
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 5,30
  • Our price £ 4,24
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: OC 976
£ 4,47
Act now and save 20%!
£ 5,59

incl. 20% VAT

  • Item numberOC 976
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 5,59
  • Our price £ 4,47
  • ConditionNew
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