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Exhaust pipes and flex pipes of a truck are needed to evacuate waste gases. Also, they allow to reduce the noise level and vibrations of the power unit.

Types of truck exhaust flex pipes

As a rule, the flex pipe has a rigid and durable triple braiding. Catalogues of manufacturers include products which differ in an inner layer type:

  • Interlock (strengthened). The inner part is made of flexible parallel plates. These are notable for high durability.
  • Interbraid. Inside, these are elements, braided at an angle. They have a low price but break down earlier.

These automotive components can be made of:

  • Steel. They are relatively inexpensive.
  • Stainless steel. These are more reliable.

Types of truck exhaust pipes

These products differ in their designation:

  • Downpipes. They are installed directly behind the exhaust manifold. They are able to withstand temperatures over 600 °C.
  • Connecting pipes. They are mounted between other elements of the exhaust system.
  • Tailpipes. They are coming out of the muffler and serve for the dissipation of exhaust gases. They should protrude out of the body for 3–5 cm in trucks which are used to transport passengers.

In an online shop, you can order these car parts of various length and diameter. The higher the latter parameter is, the less the speed of exhaust gas flow. It is worth noting, that components for commercial vehicles have bigger dimensions than passenger car exhaust pipes.

Malfunctions and their causes

The service of these items is not specified; they are to be replaced upon breakdown. As a rule, flex pipes wear out faster than regular pipes. Insignificant movements of the engine and wear of its mounts lead to this. These car parts are also prone to mechanical damage. For instance, it can be caused by hitting rocks or overcoming a significant obstacle. These parts may become corroded if exposed to high humidity.

How to detect malfunctions

If you hear a foreign noise when the engine is running and the power unit sound became louder than usual, components should be replaced. An additional indication will be the appearance of exhaust gas smell in the cabin. One should not delay the replacement of faulty parts: apart from acoustic discomfort, the negative influence of chemical substances, contained in exhaust gases, engine power loss and, as a consequence, excessive fuel consumption, are possible.

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