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Urea Filter for trucks

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In order to reduce emissions of exhaust gases into the atmosphere and ensure compliance with Euro IV and Euro V standards, heavyweight vehicles are equipped with a selective catalytic reduction system (SCR), based on the use of the urea solution AdBlue. As the purity of this chemical directly defines the efficiency of the technology, it goes through a special truck urea filter for cleaning. This car part removes extraneous impurities from the fluid and protects components of the system from premature wear.

Types of urea filters for trucks

These components can be mounted in the following ways:

  • By screwing on. They have a thread.
  • By inserting in the housing cap. These have no threaded part.

The items also differ in dimensions: height, outer and inner diameters.

Malfunctions and their causes

The service life of these components is specified in the commercial vehicle user manual. It is recommended to service the unit according to instructions of the car manufacturer and replace the parts if necessary. Otherwise, it is possible that levels of nitrogen oxides in exhaust gases will increase and the speed of their diffusion will change. Premature clogging of the urea filter results, as a rule, from using poor-quality urea.

How to detect malfunctions

A warning light on the dashboard, connected with the AdBlue level sensor and control unit of the fluid injection system, will notify the driver that the part requires replacement. If this car part is heavily soiled, the engine of a cargo vehicle may fail to start.

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