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Silencers for trucks are intended to reduce the level of noise created by exhaust gases in the exhaust tract. This element includes various channels, baffles, and chambers that allow reducing the frequency of sound vibrations by converting them into heat energy.

Types of silencers for trucks

Catalogues of manufacturers include components with different operating principles:

  • Restrictive. They absorb vibrations due to the difference in diameters of the chamber and exhaust pipe. The noise level is reduced when the exhaust gases pass from the narrow exhaust track into a cavity of larger volume. Such components are efficient; however, they reduce the engine power.
  • Reflective. They have a labyrinth for the gases to flow in, where the sound is repeatedly reflected from the walls. Here the sound waves collide, change their amplitudes, and get neutralized. These devices have virtually no effect on engine power, however, they heat up significantly during operation.
  • Absorptive. These components are filled with a soundproofing material with a corrugated pipe passing through it. They have a simple design and can absorb sound waves of various frequencies. The efficiency of these devices is rather low.
  • Resonator. These devices have several chambers connected by pipes with holes of various diameters. They reduce the level of noise without breaking the flow, but only in a narrow frequency range.

Components used in commercial vehicles are, as a rule, less efficient than silencers for passenger cars. This is due to the need to preserve the maximum power of the engine.

The components also differ by the material they are made of:

  • Steel with a protective coating (aluminium, etc.). They have a low price; however, they do not last long.
  • Stainless steel. They have a mirror surface, whereby virtually do not prevent passage of the gas flow. These devices are resistant to negative environmental factors.

Malfunctions and their causes

The service life of truck silencers is not limited; therefore, they will need replacement if broken. Components may lose tightness due to corrosion of metal, constant temperature changes, formation of condensate inside the devices, and mechanical damage. Besides, clogging of the components or catalytic converter burn through is possible.

How to detect faults

If exhaust gases escape from underneath the truck, the noise of the running engine is louder, metal knocks are heard from the exhaust tract, it means that elements of the unit have burned through and separated from the housing. In some cases, reduced power of the engine is observed. If such symptoms are observed, inspection of the component is required. If drops of water are detected underneath elements of the exhaust system as they cool down, their integrity has been disrupted.

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