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Idler- / Guide Pulley for trucks

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Idler pulleys for trucks set the trajectory of the drive belt. They may be sold separately or as part of a kit.

Types of guide pulleys for trucks

By purpose:

  • For the accessory belt. Depending on the type of the element used in the belt drive, they may be flat or have recesses for ribs. On the average, the service life is 70-80 thousand km of mileage.
  • For the timing belt. Their design assumes the presence of recesses for teeth. A replacement is necessary after every 75-100 thousand km of mileage.

By material:

  • polymer, they withstand contact with moisture well;
  • metallic, which are more resistant to mechanical stress.

These products also differ in size. Usually, the manufacturer specifies the width and outer diameter. They should match the corresponding parameters of the belt drive of the truck.

Malfunctions and their causes

These components, like idler pulleys in passenger cars, should be replaced together with the drive belts, as they wear out. Wear can be accelerated by excessive loads on the unit causing the component to break apart.

Mechanical damage to the external side of the component may also occur from contact with a foreign object, for example, a stone. Side guides can be deformed as a result of the incorrect installation of the component.

How to detect failures

The state of accessories should be checked after every 15 thousand km of mileage. If during the inspection the component freely rotates and makes noise, it is to be replaced. As a rule, components of the timing mechanism are not checked without a good reason. The problem with a component of this unit may be indicated by extraneous noise during engine operation. In this case, contact a service station without waiting for scheduled maintenance.

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