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A tensioner pulley is used for adjusting the tension of the alternator drive belt in trucks. It is a bearing with a plastic shell on the outer side and a fitting sleeve.

Types of tension pulleys for trucks

By the type of attachment:

  • Eccentric. In such pulleys, the role of tensioning mechanism is played by a built-in sleeve with a hole offset from the centre. It is used for setting the device on a pin mounted on the engine. The tensioner pulley rests against the back side of the belt and rotates during engine operation. Rotating on its axis, the component changes its position relative to the belt, thus ensuring tensioning.
  • With a bracket. The bracket is connected to the engine with bolts, and the component itself is stiffly fastened to it. Tensioning is achieved by shifting the bracket relative to the engine.

By the method of tension adjustment:

  • Mechanical. Assumes manual adjustment. Their advantage is a small price. As a rule, they should be replaced after approximately 70 thousand km of mileage.
  • Automatic. Self-adjusting devices that can reduce the amplitude of vibration by absorbing shocks. Such components are more durable. Their service life can reach 100 thousand km of mileage. The devices are divided into spring-loaded and hydraulic.
Malfunctions and their causes

Like tensioners in cars, components for trucks are constantly exposed to friction, therefore they are prone to mechanical damage and misalignment. Besides, plastic lining gets melted often, and jamming and rusting of components of the bearing occurs.

Ingress of foreign particles may contribute to accelerated abrasion of the surface and appearance of defects. As a rule, melting is a result of component overheating, while jamming, misalignment and free play are the result of improper installation.

How to detect failures

Since pulley failure may result in breakage of the alternator belt of a truck, maintenance of the unit should be made at regular intervals. In addition, compelling reasons to contact a service centre for diagnostics are extraneous noise and vibration in the alternator, headlamps flickering with the engine running, significantly increased fuel consumption when electrical appliances are used. Specialists will assess the condition of the tensioning mechanism visually.

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