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Trucks are of a significant weight; therefore they are especially susceptible to roll when driven on a rough road. To reduce the dynamic effect of the road surface, cab air suspension is used in trucks. It improves road grip, ensures smooth travel of the vehicle, regardless of the road type, and maintains the optimum constant road clearance.

Types of cab air suspension for trucks

The design is based on a rubber bellow with compressed air inside. It can withstand the pressure of tens of atmospheres, and can change its properties due to the automatic adjustment mechanism. There are two types of air springs:

  • With air bellows. They consist of 2-4 layers of rubberized cord fabric, most often polyamide one (сapron, nylon, neoprene). Their covers have threaded holes for air supply, and openings for mounting. In the middle of the component, there is a girdle ring. Some models have a rubber bump stop. Low internal friction in the shell and absence of heating during truck operation make these air springs especially reliable.
  • With a diaphragm. They differ from the air bellow models by the availability of a piston and a diaphragm that limits the volume of the shell. The footprint of air springs of this type is smaller than that of the above-mentioned type.

In addition to classic elements of cab air suspension for trucks, manufacturers offer models with a cover and a housing. The latter acts as a fastener and may be made of metal or plastic. Air springs with these components can withstand high loads without getting deformed.

Malfunctions and reasons thereof

The most frequent problem is air leakage in the points of contact between the air bellow and the air strut. Besides, mechanical damage of the air bellow or the spring is possible. As a rule, failures happen as a result of careless driving, or overloading the vehicle. The reason may also lie in hitting an obstacle, or ingress of dirt and extraneous objects into the assembly. Air springs are not repairable, and should be replaced in case of any defect.

How to detect faults

First of all, damages will be visible during the routine maintenance. Increased noise inside the cabin, extraneous knocks and vibration when driving on rough road may indicate the necessity of unplanned inspection. Failure of the cab air suspension in a truck is also accompanied by increased amplitude of oscillations of the vehicle front part when driving at high speed.

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