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Fenders are intended for protecting the body of the truck from mechanical damage, for example, by stones from the road surface. They are mounted over wheels mainly with nuts and bolts.


Catalogues of manufacturers include components that differ by the axle of installation:

  • front;
  • rear.

The rear fenders are usually:

  • consisting of several elements;
  • solid.

You can also order online parts made of various materials. They may be:

  • aluminium;
  • steel, including galvanized;
  • plastic.

Fenders for trucks are different from fenders for passenger cars in size and shape. These parameters largely depend on the design features of suspension and steering wheels rotation angle.

Malfunctions and their causes

The components do not have a certain service life limits, and are replaced in case of mechanical damage. Traces of corrosion may also appear on metal components. Constant driving of trucks in the off-road conditions and the high humidity leads to premature wear of the parts.

How to detect faults

The condition of auto parts can be assessed visually. The need for replacement is indicated by dents, misalignment, cracks, chips and other defects. In some cases, components are planished, heavily deformed components are replaced.

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