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Engine air filter is an element of the engine intake system that protects the engine of a truck from dirt, thus prolonging its service life. The component catches foreign particles, preventing them from getting into the engine along with the air.

Types of engine air filters for trucks

Catalogues of manufacturers contain components of two types:

  • Main. They are placed inside the air filter box. Among them, the most common are cylindrical products with a frame. The working part is usually made of paper capable of retaining dust and moisture. The devices are often fitted with seals to increase tightness.
  • Additional (pre-filters). They are mounted separately before the main element. They are required if the truck is frequently operated in off-road conditions. They may be both cylindrical and panel-shaped. The latter are more compact and cheaper.

Unlike filtering components for passenger cars, they have significant dimensions, and, therefore, a large cleaning area. This is directly related to engine displacement. The higher this value is, the greater the overall filter dimensions are. Besides, the components may have various thread sizes, throughput capacity, etc.

Malfunctions and their causes

By trapping dust, the product gradually becomes clogged and loses its ability to let through the air. As a rule, the component is subject to replacement after 10,000-15,000 km of mileage. It may fail prematurely if the truck is constantly operated on sand or on dirt roads. In this case, its service life may be reduced to 5,000 km of mileage.

Sometimes, installation of a new component is required due to mechanical damage of the filtering medium or the housing. This may happen in an accident, in case of oil or water getting inside, or incorrect installation.

How to detect failures

The main indicators of the need to replace the truck air filter are increased fuel consumption, reduced power of the engine, and loud noise during operation. Malfunction of the component may be detected during routine maintenance. It is removed from the box and inspected for clogging and damage. If the filter is clogged or damaged, it is best to install a new component. Otherwise, there is a risk of engine failure. The cost of repairing the engine is much higher than the cost of a new filtering element.

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