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A fuel filter of a truck cleans fuel from impurities, including dirt and corrosion products. It plays an important role in preventing premature wear of valves, injectors and other engine components.

Types of truck fuel filters

By the type of the working fluid:

  • For gasoline. They have a simple design. Since this type of fuel is relatively rarely used for trucks, these fuel filters are more often installed in passenger cars.
  • For diesel fuel. They are fitted with a membrane for water separation and a heating system, which helps to keep the liquid consistency of the oil product at low temperatures.

By the degree of filtering:

  • Coarse cleaning. They remove large particles. Their average service life is 60-100 thousand km of mileage.
  • Fine cleaning. They remove even the smallest impurities. In trucks with gasoline engine fuel filter should be replaced after 60-80 thousand km of mileage, with diesel engine — after 10-20 thousand km of mileage.

The filtering elements are made of various materials, such as felt, paper, etc. Depending on the design, there are the following types of components:

  • Demountable. Only the filtering element is replaced.
  • Solid. They are subject to replacement as an assembly.

The housing of a truck fuel filter may be made of:

  • Metal. It features high heat conductivity, which has a positive effect on the efficiency of heating diesel fuel.
  • Plastic. It is resistant to corrosion.
Malfunctions and their causes

The filtering element may become clogged or collapse. Clogging occurs due to the use of poor quality fuel, or out-of-season diesel fuel. The housing may deteriorate or get deformed due to corrosion, or in case of a road accident, which might result in leaking.

How to detect failures

If the component is in a transparent housing, it may be checked visually. If the filler is dark brown colour or precipitate is visible in the working fluid, the filtering element should be replaced.

The symptoms of failure are significantly reduced engine power and increased fuel consumption. In addition, leakage of the working fluid may result in specific smell in the cabin. In this situation, the product should be inspected: a leak is usually visible to the naked eye. If you don't have enough experience, it is better to contact professionals at a service station to install a new component.

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