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Truck oil filter cleans soot deposit and products of engine wear out of the lubricant. It is an important part of the lubrication system and helps to prolong the service life of many components.

Types of oil filters for trucks

Depending on design features, these car parts are divided into the following groups:

  • Spin-on. The housing and the cap are a single unit. Such components are replaced as an assembly.
  • Cartridge. Only the filtering media is replaced. Typically, filtering cartridges are sold at a low price.

Oil filters for trucks may differ by the method of cleaning. For example, they may be:

  • Mechanical. The fouling is removed while the working fluid passes through the filtering element. The latter is usually made of paper, and may additionally have a metal mesh.
  • Sedimentation. Their design includes a sump tank. Foreign elements settle down in it under the action of gravity.
  • Centrifugal. The components include a drum rotor that rotates at high speed under the pressure of the lubricant, which flows from nozzles. Under the action of centrifugal forces, the working fluid is cleaned of contaminants. They remain on the inner wall of the rotor.

Malfunctions and their causes

Most often, this component is replaced due to reaching the end of service life. By trapping dirt, a truck oil filter is gradually getting clogged, its throughput capacity deteriorates. This may result in damage to the filtering material. The bypass valve may also be triggered, resulting in impure lubricant flowing to the components of the mechanism.

In some cases, the filtering element is prematurely clogged as a result of coolant getting into the oil. Besides, the component may be damaged in case of incorrect installation.

How to detect failures

Problems are indicated by oil pressure warning light coming on. In addition, the fault may be identified by checking with the dipstick. Hard particles on the dipstick are the evidence of the fact that the filter is not working properly. In this case, install the new component without waiting for scheduled maintenance. It will be cheaper than repairing the unit damaged due to poor cleaning of the lubricant.

Similar to filtering elements in passenger cars, new components are to be installed during each oil replacement, after 10-15 thousand km of mileage.

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