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Air Filter, driver cab for trucks

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Cabin air filters for trucks clean the air entering through ventilation holes from road dust, which is present in abundance on dirt roads and the roadside. In addition, it prevents ingress of harmful chemical substances contained in the exhaust gases, pollen and other allergens into the cabin.

Types of cabin air filters for trucks

Components in catalogues of manufacturers may have different filter elements:

  • Paper. These protect from dust and soot only and are relatively inexpensive.
  • Charcoal. Prevent ingress of dust as well as toxic compounds of the benzene and phenol groups, nitrogen and sulfur oxides into the cabin. They efficiently remove unpleasant odours. They cost more than the filtering elements made of paper.

By cleaning method the components may be:

  • Mechanical. They remove large dirt particles.
  • Adsorption. They have an additional layer, as a rule, made of activated carbon, which absorbs gases and unpleasant odours.
  • Electrostatic. Due to the electrified filtering material, they attract and hold even the smallest particles. These elements feature high efficiency.

Like filtering elements for passenger cars, elements for trucks may have different shape and thickness of the housing.

Malfunctions and their reasons

During vehicle operation, the working surface of the component inevitably becomes clogged, especially in case of frequent exposure to oil and water. The standard interval of replacement is once a year before summer. If the truck is operated constantly in a dusty area, this interval is reduced by about half. The housing may get damaged due to incorrect installation, or a traffic accident.

How to detect failures

The main sign that the truck cabin filter needs replacement is unpleasant odours in the cabin, such as mould. The state of the component should also be checked in case of condensate formation on windows, or in case of interrupted air flow into the cabin. Dirt and damage are easy to notice during inspection. In both cases, it is not subject to repair, and need replacement with a new one.

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