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Clutch Booster for trucks

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Clutch booster for trucks allows reducing the effort needed to press the pedal, in particular when shifting gears. The part is mounted on the flange of the unit housing on the right side.

Types of clutch boosters for trucks

By the operating principle:

  • Spring. These are installed in a mechanical or hydraulic drive and perform the functions of compression and extension. They consist of a servo spring, a lever, and stop that restrict its movement. They reduce the pedal effort on the average by 30-40%.
  • Hydraulic. These are installed parallel to the mechanical drive. The pressure inside them is increased by geared or vane pumps. They consist of a hydraulic cylinder, a distributing valve and a control sensor.
  • Pneumatic. The design includes a piston with a push rod, pressure reducer valve, diaphragm and a control sensor. The part works thanks to compressed air. When the pedal is pressed, not only the working fluid but also air is pumped at the pressure of 8-10 atmospheres thus doubling the effect.

In trucks, the system is much bigger in size compared to passenger cars and, therefore, requires more effort for bringing the pressure plate into action. Clutch booster for passenger cars is mounted if pedal disengagement requires the effort of 150 N, for trucks - 250 N.

Malfunctions and reasons thereto

Manufacturers do not limit the service life of parts. However, taking into account the heavy working conditions of commercial vehicles, the unit is constantly under high load, thus may break down. Frequent malfunctions include piston jamming in the cylinder, deformation of the tubes between the cylinder and the clutch booster, mechanical damage of the sealing elements. Malfunctions are caused by ingress of moisture or air into the mechanism, incorrect adjustment of the unit or excessive load.

How to detect malfunctions

First of all, damage to the device may be detected by visual inspection during truck maintenance. Detected leaks of the working fluid and defects are clear symptoms of the need for repair or component replacement. Component failure may also be indicated by incorrect operation of the unit, particularly, excessively increased pedal free travel.

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