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Clutch Disc for trucks

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A clutch disc for trucks is moving along the gearbox input shaft and participates in the process of disconnecting the transmission from the engine. It is involved in almost all phases of controlling the truck: during startup, shifting gears, and braking. It is an important element of the system since it protects transmission components from excessive dynamic loads. It is made of metal coated with friction material.

Types of clutch discs for trucks

Manufacturers' catalogues contain the following elements:

  • pressure plate;
  • clutch disc (driven plate);
  • intermediate plate.

The latter is used in a dual-plate system designed for high torques. Components may have a different design, size, method of installation and other parameters.

Malfunctions and their causes

The product may function properly after 80,000 and even 150,000 km of mileage. Its service life depends on the individual manner of driving, weight of transported cargo, and the condition of roads where the vehicle is operated.

The component usually fails due to abrasion, and more rarely - due to spring breakage. The reason may be the incorrect or too frequent use of the relevant pedal, it causes wear of side parts of the component. This often occurs, for example, when the vehicle is operated with a low brake fluid level. Besides, the component may deform as a result of improper installation.

How to detect failures

Component failure is manifested by any malfunctions of the clutch: partial engagement, pedal inability to return to its original position, etc. In addition, the reason for checking the unit may be strong vibration, extraneous noise, skidding on climbs, insufficiently increased speed with increased engine revs.

Like with the clutch disc of a passenger car, one can identify the degree of wear of the component, by checking the pedal stroke. The vehicle should be placed on a level surface, and the engine should be warmed up. The pedal is pressed and slowly released, paying attention to when torque transmission begins. The sooner it happens, the less the wear of the component is. Prompt replacement is needed in case of burning smell during the check.

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