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Clutch Repair Kit Complete for trucks

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Truck clutch kit is a set of elements that transmit torque from the engine to the transmission. The kit usually includes a flywheel, a pressure plate and a driven disc, a clutch release bearing and fasteners. If a double disc system is used in the truck, an intermediate disc is also offered. The components are usually made of cast iron, alloy steel or non-asbestos friction materials. Kits presented in catalogues differ from each other by number of components and price.

When is it the time to install the kit?

There are no strict deadlines for replacing the assembly. Typically, the service life is 80,000-150,000 km of mileage. Wear depends on the driving style and the vehicle operating conditions.

There are several signs which indicate the need to install new components. These include problems when shifting gears, incomplete clutch engagement and disengagement, vehicle body vibration, jerks of the truck and other sounds when the pedal is pressed.

Unlike clutch components for passenger cars, truck components are exposed to high loads. In this regard, it is recommended to timely contact a service station for diagnostics and service.

Well-known manufacturers of clutch kits

Widely recognized brands are:

  • Valeo;
  • Sachs;
  • Luk;
  • Dt and other brands.
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