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Truck steering knuckle is an important element of the front suspension, the condition of which largely determines vehicle handling. The component is responsible for turning the wheels to particular angle.


The components in catalogues differ from each other by the side of installation and material. So, they can be made of:

  • cast iron;
  • steel.

The steering knuckles design in passenger cars, unlike trucks, is much more complex. For a truck you can order the component in an assembly as well as individual components, such as a bracket or gasket.

Malfunctions and their reasons

Manufacturers do not indicate specific deadlines for replacement. As a rule, the need for replacement arises when the component or its seat become deformed or covered with cracks. In addition, defects are likely to occur in the bearing race. All this is the result of friction, fatigue wear of a material, impact in case of an accident or when the truck is operated in the off-road conditions. The thread on the component may be damaged due to non-compliance with the required tightening torque during assembly. In rare cases, the component is completely destroyed. This is usually a result of improper repair, namely, attempts to repair cracks by welding.

How to detect failures

It is a durable and reliable component that does not require frequent inspection. The need for maintenance is indicated by knocks in the front suspension, deteriorated steerability, and premature tyre wear. In this situation, contact specialists as soon as possible, since deteriorated steerability may cause a serious accident. There is no need to purchase both left and right steering knuckles for the truck: it is sufficient to replace only the faulty one.

AUTODOC: convenient shopping online

In our online store, you can buy a steering knuckle that fully meets the parameters of your truck. Besides, we have inexpensive shock absorbers, stabilizers, suspension arms, and many other components. If you place your online order during promotion, you will be able to purchase more for the same money. Don't miss an opportunity to reduce your costs!