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Wheel Bearing / Set for trucks

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Wheel bearing is a component of truck drivetrain. It ensures mechanical connection, alignment and free rotation of the wheel hub on the axle. Quality of this product directly affects steerability of vehicles, therefore, a faulty component should be immediately replaced. The component is not a subject to repair. In addition to the component itself, wheel bearing kit may include races, seals, retaining rings, protective caps, plugs, gaskets, pins, cotter pins, bolts, nuts, etc.

When it is time to install the kit

The components are highly reliable, but they fail over time due to mechanical load. Both ball and roller wheel bearings in cars, and tapered ones in trucks need replacing due to natural abrasion of metal, or appearance of defects on the race.

Signs of the need to install new components include humming noise while driving, grinding noise when the steering wheel is turned, loss of lubricants, hub overheating, wheel free play. If such symptoms are noted, immediate maintenance is required.

Components should be installed in accordance with repair manual. In most cases, components may be replaced only on the side where replacement is required.

Well-known manufacturers of kits

Components are made under the following brands:

  • Polish Kamoka;
  • Dutch A. B. S.;
  • German Vaico, Ridex;
  • French SNR;
  • Swedish SKF;
  • Danish JP Group, etc.

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