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The wheel hub is the main element of a rotating mechanism with a hole for mounting on a shaft or axle of a truck. The component secures the wheel rim and ensures its free rotation. Moreover, the device attaches all the units to the half-shaft, allows to install brake discs or drums and elements of the anti-lock system.

Types of wheel hubs

These components are made of heavy-duty cast iron or steel alloy by turning and milling because they have to bear significant loads. Devices may be designed for different wheels:

  • Non-steered drive wheels. They are mounted on rear axles of rear-wheel-drive commercial vehicles and are rigidly connected to the half-shaft of the leading axle with a flange.
  • Non-steered non-drive wheels. They are used on rear axles of rear- and all-wheel-drive trucks.
  • Steered drive wheels. They are mounted on front axles of all-wheel-drive cargo vehicles.
  • Steered non-drive wheels. They are used on front axles of rear-wheel-drive commercial vehicles.

The hub unit is secured by 2 screw nuts and a lock washer on one end of a stub axle. Unlike wheel hubs for passenger cars which are mounted on ball bearings, on trucks tapered roller thrust bearings are used; they are smaller and provide better performance. They are filled with lubricant and protected by caps on the outer side, and by brake backing plate or thrust washer – on the inner side.

Malfunctions and their causes

These car parts break down rarely, and it may require replacement when bearings are damaged, a mounting seat for bearing race is worn out, threaded connections of bolts or studs are defective. In rare cases, the body of the component may deform. These damages may be caused by hitting an obstacle at high speed, overloading the vehicle regularly, aggressive driving style.

How to detect malfunctions

Breakdowns of the hub assembly are indicated by foreign sounds during driving, body vibrations, the truck rocking at cornering or slowing down, decreased road-holding ability, uneven tyre wear. Damaged components will have a noticeable free play at inspection. In order to prevent defects of front and rear wheel hubs it is enough to service them in time: check the tightness of fasteners and bearings, replace the lubricant.

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