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Expansion Tank, engine coolant for trucks

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An expansion tank in a truck is an important element of the engine liquid cooling system. It allows compensating changes in the volume of antifreeze due to temperature variation.


Catalogues include models made of various materials, for example:

  • Plastic. These are the most widely used. Usually, plastic tanks are translucent, which makes it easy to monitor the amount of fluid.
  • Metal. Components made of this material last longer. Manufacturers usually use stainless steel and aluminium. The former is more resistant to corrosion, the latter has a relatively low price.

The components have various capacities. Usually, expansion tanks in trucks are more capacious, compared to the tanks in passenger cars.

Malfunctions and reasons thereto

The service life of the component is not strictly limited. The component is to be replaced in case of loss of integrity. Damage can be caused by significant pressure drops, high temperatures and aggressive substances.

How to detect faults

The unsatisfactory state of the tank may be indicated by the distinctive smell of the cooling fluid in the cabin and accelerated decrease of antifreeze level. In this situation, it is necessary to inspect the tank. Usually, cracks are easy to spot, since dust sticks to the leaking fluid. In this case, you should buy an expansion tank for your truck as soon as possible, and seek the assistance of truck servicing specialists to have it installed instead of the faulty one.

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