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Thermostat / Gasket for trucks

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A thermostat in a truck maintains the optimum temperature of the coolant during various engine operating modes. In particular, it ensures rapid engine warm-up after starting. As a rule, this item is sold in a kit with a gasket resistant to chemical impact.


  • With housing. They are connected to the hoses of the cooling system. The housing is made of brass or aluminium. The former is highly resistant to corrosive substances and durable, while the second material is lightweight. Thermostats for passenger cars are also produced in plastic housings.
  • Without housing. They are mounted into a special seat in the cylinder block.

Malfunctions and their reasons

The device is exposed to corrosion damage and fouling by deposits. It results from the use of improper antifreeze or mixing coolants of different types. Due to heavy fouling, the element may jam in the intermediate or extreme position.

How to detect faults

Failure is usually indicated by engine overheating or overcooling. In the first case, the respective indicator on the dashboard is lit. In addition, smell of the working fluid may be present in the cabin. In the second case, fuel consumption increases.

The simplest check is performed by inspecting the feeding radiator hoses immediately after starting an engine. If it warms up slowly, the thermostat of a truck is likely to be in running order.

More accurate data about the operability of the device can be obtained from a diagnostic scanner connected to the electronic control unit. To have such a check done, contact truck servicing specialists. Even if there are no symptoms of failure, it is recommended to replace the component after 100,000 km of mileage, or after 5 years of operation.

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