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Water Pump / Gasket for trucks

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Like the water pump in a passenger car, the pump in a truck is required for ensuring forced circulation of antifreeze in the cooling system of the engine. The liquid is moved by the centrifugal force.


Catalogues of manufacturers include products of various design. So, there are components:

  • In a separate housing;
  • Integrated into the cylinder block.

The devices are activated from the engine with a belt or a chain. The housing is made of various materials, which may be:

  • cast iron;
  • aluminium.

You can buy online the component with additional equipment, for example, a fan for better fluid cooling. Besides, the kit may include a water pump gasket for a truck. It is usually made of paronite, paper, or rubber.

Malfunctions and reasons thereto

On average, the service life of the component is 120,000 km of mileage. The use of poor quality cooling fluid may result in premature failure of the component. It provokes the formation of deposit on the walls, mechanical damage to pump elements, jamming of the bearing, and destruction of the impeller. Failure of the water pump in a truck may also occur in case of prolonged continuous operation of the engine at the maximum power.

During operation, traces of corrosion appear on the metal parts of the pump inevitably. Without proper servicing, this causes the loss of tightness in the unit and antifreeze leakage. A reliable connection of the components of the unit may be disrupted due to the constant vibration of the engine.

How to detect faults

Failure is indicated by extraneous sounds during operation of the unit, antifreeze leaks, and increased temperature of the engine. The latter will be indicated by a corresponding signal lamp on the dashboard. In this case, a new component should be immediately installed to avoid serious damage and costly repair of the engine.

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